Friday, July 28, 2017

LimeLight by Alcone Review

I love trying out new products to share with y'all. I ordered & was sent a bunch of stuff to try from my great grand little, Taylor, who sells LimeLight by Alcone products and fun fact, caught the bouquet at my wedding.  So, first off, thanks betch.

I am always so skeptical of the products that aren't sold at Sephora, Ulta or Target, but I mean that's normal, right? But, since I know how anal Taylor is about products she puts on her face/body & the fact that she sells them I felt so much more comfortable knowing that she wouldn't sell something she doesn't believe in. 

I tried a variety of their products to see what the hype on social media is about. Here is a brief summary of LimeLight - they were founded in 1952 to provide makeup to the stage & film industry. Now they are selling professional makeup to now basically I get to look like a movie star... right? All of their products are cruelty free. Their skincare line is free of harmful chemicals.

They also have eyeshadows which are 50% pigment & other eyeshadows are no more than 28% -- umm hello, that's amazing.

So.. here are my reviews for the products I own:

1. Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths

These are the first makeup wipes I have used that don't burn my eyes at all. They are my new favorite. I was using the blue pack of Neutrogena & it's okay but burns the shit out of my eyes.

2. Perfect Mascara

I prefer a rubber wand (most of my friends prefer a brush, so it's a personal preference). However, I really like this mascara. I especially love it when I am blending my strip lashes in with my natural, terrible lashes.

3. LimeLight Sponges

These sponges are so freaking awesome. I have a mason jar full on my vanity & can wet them & use just like a beauty blender. They are literally $3 for a pack of (12 ish, I think) I love to travel with them & can toss them instead of traveling back with a wet beauty blender. Add a pack or 2 to your order.

4. Waterproof Complete Concealer

I typically go for a liquid concealer....but, this concealer is bomb. It's waterproof & stays on all day. I went with the shade CC 1 to highlight while concealing. I love it so much!

5. Glamcor RIKI Skinny Mirror

This is my favorite beauty product I own.

I have been looking for a lighted mirror for a while. Simple Human is the go to.. but I didn't love the sizing & such. When Taylor told me about this I was very hesitant. I literally am so happy with this purchases. It's less than $200, has lights that can be adjusted, you can put your phone on it & use the lighting to film or take pictures, it has a magnifier that you can stick on, it has a stand to turn it either way AND you can hold it in your hand and move with it without having a stand attached. You charge it & the charge lasts for days so you don't have to leave it plugged in or frequently buy batteries.


Another product I am wanting to try is the Liquid Sunshine. It is a liquid body bronzer that lasts for 12 hours. I watched a video when Taylor applied it on her legs & holy shit it was unreal. I can't wait to order this, another set of sponges & makeup remover clothes. I'm a bit obsessed.

On August 1 they are launching a new product, Eye Aspire. It is an anti-aging eye serum that helps with dark circles. So keep your eye's out for that!

Let me know if you try any of these & what you think. Especially the mirror!