Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Perfectly Posh Review

So, I recently tried Perfectly Posh products. In all honesty I am always hesitant to order from newer companies... but I had heard great things & had to try it out, especially when the products are all natural. With these products I have I feel as if I have a spa day each time I get in the shower. Everything in this post is $24 and under and have the most perfect names. I mean wait until you get to You Go, Coco!

1. Don't Be Bitter, Baby - hand creme

I am so obsessed with the smell of this hand creme. More importantly, it is so hydrating and not oily at all, which is my biggest issue in finding a hand creme. Plus the bottle fits perfectly in my handbags & makeup bags.
Use all the freaking time because it's amazing.

2. Blacklisted - sugar & blackberry scrub

Every single time I use this. I smell amazing for hours after the shower & feel like I left the spa. I am so obsessed with this sugar scrub & how well it exfoliates my dry winter skin. 
Use 2-5 times a week.

3. Castaway Coconut Snarky Bar - sugar scrub bar

I don't use this daily because I have so many options in the shower from perfectly posh that I am mixing up right now. I LOVE the coconut smell and how well it exfoliates and cleanses by using one bar.

4. You Go, Coco! Chunk - bar soap

I hate writing that this is a bar soap because it's so much more than that. It lightly exfoliates, smells amazing and hydrates, which is very important to me. This bar is HUGE, too. It will be a staple in my shower from now on. 
Use daily. 

I also ordered the caffeine stick (which is no longer on the website) and it was the only product I received and didn't fall in love with. I liked the smell & used it under my eyes but didn't notice any difference in my skin or helping me wake up. 

See more products & scents here.  Almost all of the products above are in their buy 5 get the 6th free promotion right now!

*Pictures from Perfectly Posh


  1. Thanks for the guides on creams and soaps and for taking time out to review on the products aswell they all look equally good i think i would settle for all those creams and soaps plus the scrubs too

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