Friday, October 28, 2016

TN Shirt Company + Promo Code

I'm so excited to share this TN Shirt Company shirt with y'all. It is literally so comfortable I have worn it a few times since I got it! I styled it with Lululemon leggings & an old pair of Arturo Chiang boots. It's a great fall look & especially a great game-day look! GBO

I love the story of the co-founders Tyler & Amy, a precious husband & wife team. They started by making a bride & groom flask with mod podge in 2010. (which we can all relate to, especially making coolers for formals) I just love a family owned business. Read their full story here.

Mellie didn't want to leave my side during pictures.... or any other time. 

Here is a look at the back of the shirt.

*excuse my squinty eyes, the sun was painful

Head over to TN Shirt Company & see their great selection of TN Shirts & other trinkets :)
Here is the shirt I'm wearing in a large. ($22)

Use the promo code 'hometownheels' for free shipping til November 4th.


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  1. The T-shirt match the boots, i would really love to get myself a piece of the TN shirt. The chiwawa looks so lovely omg! my love so dogs is beyond this world. Thanks for the share