Friday, September 2, 2016

Whitestone Country Inn

Stephen & I have been so busy lately, we bought our first house!!!! I will fill you in about the house later. For now, I'll tell you about the trip to Whitestone Country Inn that I surprised Stephen with to celebrate our first house!

On Friday, I made Stephen leave work early & drive us to Chattanooga, when we got to the exit for Whitestone, I made him get off and he was so confused. He had absolutely no idea where we were going. The exit for Whitestone is the same exit for his lake house. When we were 4 miles from the bed & breakfast he saw a Whitestone sign and said "Why is Whitestone so familiar?" - I then told him the plan for the night & how I had packed us bags in the car without him knowing. He was so excited.

I made dinner reservations at Whitestone for Friday night. We had a lovely dinner looking at the lake & mountains. (I just adore Tennessee) After dinner we had a ping pong match, that I obviously won. After ping pong we went on a walk & had a yummy bottle of wine.

This is the School House, there is a gift shop in the front & check-in. Our room was one of two in this precious building. 

We stayed in the Indigo Bunting Suite - it was so relaxing and adorable!

The next morning we had an amazing breakfast & view, again.

Whitestone is so beautiful & relaxing. Such a great weekend getaway for anyone. It's so nice being so close to a retreat like this. 

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Now I'm off to clean our new house!


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