Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Honeymooning in LA

On our way home from The Brando, we stayed in LA for two nights. I want to move there so badly. As soon as we got to LA, we went to Pinks Hollywood (Stephen has been telling me about Pinks for years because I love hotdogs). Pinks was AMAZING. They even had a hotdog names The Brando, how ironic. 

Also, my first trip to In-N-Out. I finally feel like I fit in with my family since my mom, dad,  brother, Jenn (my brother's better half) & husband.

Monogrammed Jack Rogers
Similar Dresses: Midi / Almost the same / 3/4 Sleeve

I literally could not leave this shirt behind at H&M, it is too perfect. 

My favorite Disney Princess! I freaked out. 

We had such an amazing honeymoon & are already starting to plan a trip for our anniversary. 


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