Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeup Monday - Brushes & Cleaner

Makeup Monday
Makeup Brushes & Cleaners

Buying nice makeup brushes is a necessity.
 I used to apply my foundation with my fingers or a cheap brush and my powder with the sponge that is always in the bottom of the compact. The bristles would fall out & be on my face. It was more than annoying to attempt to remove them.

I started getting make-overs at Sephora a few years ago & they were using brushes to do everything. I then started thinking that I should invest in some to do my makeup at home. I got the same brushes that the Sephora ladies used on me, the Sephora Pro Line.

When I started using my Sephora Pro brushes to apply my foundation, powder, concealer & blush, I noticed how much more coverage I was getting with my make up. It blended so much better than using my hands. 

I'm slowly adding new brushes as I get more adventurous with my make up.

My Picks:

1. Sephora Pro Blush Brush #54
I use this for cream or powder blushes.

2. Sephora Pro Airbrush #55
I typically use this brush for powder.

3. Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56
This is perfect for a liquid foundation & the full coverage airbrush look.

4. Sephora Pro Concealer Brush #57
I use this to apply a concealer or my liquid foundation under my eyes & on imperfections.

The MOST important thing about buying a nice, expensive brush is taking care of it. Do NOT throw it in a makeup bag for storage. Use a jar of your choice, I use a mason jar & put the brushes upside down so they aren't getting smashed. Also, you want to clean your brushes so you can keep them for a long time. <Added bonus, our HPFI Lilly Guest Bathroom>

My Picks:

Each day after I use my brushes, I spray them 3-4 times with this & then wipe them on a washcloth. I then place them in my mason jar for drying.

Once a week, typically on Sunday I wash all of my makeup brushes with my shampoo. I use warm water & wet the brush. I put a small amount in my palm & swirl the brush around until it is clear. Then, I rinse & lay on a towel overnight to dry.

All of the above pictures are before I shampooed my brushes.
Below is a picture of them drying after I shampooed.

I have had my Sephora Pro Brushes for almost 2 years now & I expect to have them for several more years to come. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Makeup Monday - Clarisonic

Makeup Monday 
Clarisonic Mia 2

Happy Monday everyone!

I purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 in April of this year. Honestly, I'm sad I haven't bought this brush up sooner than that. Basically, it's an amazing cleansing brush. I have extremely dry skin & it really helps cleanse.

So we all take off our make up & wash our faces daily. I was using my hands or a facial sponge to cleanse my face after removing my make up, or simply washing my face while in the shower. I have had a big focus on skin care with my wedding coming up next year. I want to make sure that my skin is getting the treatment it deserves.

One of the biggest things I noticed after my first time using the Clarisonic was how much make up I was leaving on my skin. It was quite gross. After using my Clarisonic and realizing how much I was missing it made me concerned for how many times I thought my face was clean & it really wasn't. 

The Clarisonic Mia 2 has two speeds & an automatic timer. The T-Timer, as they call it, will pause the vibration to indicate to you it's time to move on to another section. You only use the brush for 1 minute. It is ridiculously easy and an essential part of my daily routine. I have been using the lowest speed & feel like that it enough to cleanse my skin type.

The brush head is interchangeable. So you can choose a head based on your skin type. They suggest that you replace the head every 3 months, depending on how often you use it.

I purchased one of these for my Mommy on Mother's Day and she is just as obsessed with this as I am! Her favorite part is the travel case that comes with it so it can easily fit in a toiletry bag and go with her on all of her trips. Also, we both agree that we have been using MUCH less cleanser with the brush.

This product has actually changed my skin. I can't wait to continue using especially with my dry skin.

I purchased mine at Sephora for $149 in a kit with a cleanser & an additional brush head. They still have the kit I purchased for sale. There are other options for Clarisonic facial brushes. < they have so many different colors & prices >

Photo Credit: @Clarisonic

Prices start at $99

Links to purchase:




Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Essentials

My 10 Summer Essentials 

1.  Jack Rogers

Hampton Sandals in Platinum
You can wear them to the pool, shopping or to dinner. Perfect for every day!

2. EOS Egg

Because who doesn't love an amazing lip balm?
Photo Cred: @eosproducts 
Available at Walgreens, Target, Ulta & more. 

3. J Crew High-waisted shorts

Attention girls with some curves like me! These are the perfect high-waisted shorts. Size up though. 
<30% off right now Code: SHOPNOW>

4. Lilly Pulitzer Popover 

The popover is one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer items. Perfect for a cool summer day with shorts or for a road trip/flight with some Lulu's. I wear a small in popovers.
Plus, it's perfect for travel with the sister-in-law!
 <I wear a small/medium in the Elsa Top & a 4/6/8 in their dresses.>

5. Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray

Who honestly styles their hair in the summer anyways.......
Photo Cred: Sephora

6. A Baby Doll Dress

For on the go when it's too hot for pants. Here are a few options that I love and pair well with Jacks.
Photo Cred:
<This is one of my favorite, go to dresses this summer>

7. Rebecca Minkoff 'Medium MAB' Tote

This is the perfect bag to take to work & out for drinks with the girls. I'm obsessed with totes and my planner & Cosmo fit perfectly inside. 
<Yes, that is my HPFI bedding>

8. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Victoria's Secret has a great selection. You can always get black bottoms & match with them something you already have at home.
I'm wearing a LFT <Lilly for Target, but it's sold out>

9. Waterproof Mascara 

We never really know when we will go to the pool or lake. We must be prepared & not look like raccoons.
Photo Cred: Sephora 
Here are a few of my favorite waterproof mascara's from Sephora:

10. Lilly Pulitzer Montery Tank Dress
Capri Pink Samba

The most comfortable dress Lilly has ever made.
I got an XS in this and typically wear a medium in current maxis.