Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jellies Be Jammin' /// Engagement Party

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Brandow

Our engagement party was more than perfect! Almost all of our close friends and family were there... but before I get to all the great, I did have a storm cloud on our otherwise Lillyful day. My brother was unable to come to our engagement party. I'm still bitter because it was a situation beyond his control (damn doctor life). But that's besides the point... I'm not letting him off the hook so easily... he still owes me a double black martini from Firebirds (MY favorite)!

Enough about the least favorite child...

My day started off great! S & I had his Best Man and my MOH slumber with us the night before. S even got kicked out of our bed so that MOH and I could cuddle. That morning, as Wei Wei and I were doing our make up, we hear Johnny (BM) shout "Let's Freaking Go!" (he was already in party mode at 8 am, not that anyone should be surprised). Stephen was trying to pick out the perfect Vineyard Vines shirt (it took forever because he has like 300).

Hours later, after S FINALLY got party ready, we left our place to run a few errands on the way to The White House. We went to Magpies and picked up the cake and three pies! The cake was more than beautiful (and very Lillyful, duh). Jellies Be Jammin' is my favorite print and I wouldn't have been happier in any other.

I was so happy that the majority of the bridal party got to come! We had so many friends and family members come in from out of town. I seriously can't thank everyone enough for coming and spending this special time with us. 

Meet my mains below.
(Left to Right: Allison, Randi, Elise, Wei Wei, Yours Truly, Caitlin, Tay, Tara)

Most importantly I am beyond thankful for my Mommy and Daddy for hosting such a great party! The food was delish and Lilly was all around (thank God I'm from the South). 

Meet Mommy White, she's the best. Yes, she was in Lilly, and yes she cooked all the food herself and prepared weeks in advance to make sure the engagement party was everything S & I wanted. 

We can't thank you enough! Love you MORE :)



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