Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey Y'all! Welcome to Hometown Heels

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey Y'all! Thanks for Visiting! I'm so excited to start this blog and tell you a little (a lot) about myself. 

First of all...this is me.

My name is Paige and I'm from Knoxville, TN
I'm unhealthily obsessed with 10 things in life:

1. Heels
2. Wine
3. Shopping
4. Lilly Pulitzer
5. Weddings
6. More Shoes
7. Handbags
8. Barre3
9. Brunch
10. Anything Southern

I can't believe I'm about to start blogging. Before I get going let's start by being honest. I call it my Honesty Policy. This blog is about me, my life and my style. I hope that you love, but I'm not gonna be upset if you don't. Also, obviously I'm new to this! I may be a newbie but I'll get better with time!

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