Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Pink Sunday - Lilly + Target

                                                            Happy Pink Sunday!

My day started with a Target gift card from my wonderful fiancé that said "Happy Lilly Day".  It's safe to say at that point I knew today would be an amazing day.

My fiancé, MOH & I went to two Targets to get our goodies at 6:30 am.. withOUT coffee. The best find all day was the Sea Urchin halter in the children's section.. Apparently they thought it was a girls dress??

I am MORE than pleased with my Lilly haul. I placed at least 5 online orders last night. (I really can't confirm how many because I was so excited as I was ordering) -- In store was pretty crazy and girls were getting so mad at everyone. We were 5th in line and girl that was like 30th in line started cursing at us because of what we got......

My favorite patterns from the Lilly + Target collaboration were:
1. My Fans
2. Noise Posey
3. Giraffeeey (sadly didn't get anything in this pattern, but I will!)
4. Sea Urchin

IMO -- Everything ran pretty TTS. However, I sized down in the Palazzo pants.
I also think the shifts from the Lilly + Target collab are the softest Lilly shifts I have had or tried on.

What were your favorite patterns??

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